Travel Hints

Front Gate:  At the entry signs; “Eco Palapa”,  after the first drive way after the Mexican Ranchero, “Welcome to the Marine Park”  make the left to enter where there is more signage and flags.

Check-in and Check-out:
It is best to arrive earlier in the day because the hotel can be a little difficult to find at night. Please try not to check-in later than 9:00 pm. If you do have to come later, please honk your horn when you see the sign which prompts you to do so upon arrival.

Check-out is at 10:00 am. However, you can still stay on the beach and use the bathrooms until 4:00 pm and store your luggage behind the curtain in the kitchen if you would like.

Parking:   Both Eagles Nest and Pappagallo entrances are off of the courtyard.  Parking spaces are lettered for location with most being west of the Casita building.

Please bring all you need in the way of spices, oils, food, and beverages. The locally grown and available fruits and vegetables are very good.

Food shopping:

In San Jose:   Leaving the airport make a right onto the Tran peninsular highway to go south.  Three lights on the right is Soriana, a large box store.  Scout the exit out ahead of departure.

La Ribera provisions: Corona which has few more choices (including clothing and pharmacy)  and some locally grown produce, chicken, beef, chorizo  fruit and some times lamb. If coming from the transpeninsular  Go straight at the “Y” rather than right. .After about 1 mile when you start down the hill to the beach in the first block you will see a “Corona” sign on the right and take this first right.  Mercado Corona is ½ block on the left.  Mercado Rey is on the right after the “Y” coming from the Transpenisular and has provisions too plus San Bartolo Chorizo.

What to bring beyond food & drink: beach towels and headlamp. Cell phone signal is available so check with your provider for Mexican plan & compatibility of Telcel reception.

If it is winter here with some windy days and occasional nights dropping below the 60’so bring layers, caps etc.

If renting a car check it out closely.  Know your insurance coverage & check your credit card & insurance coverage for car rental coverage in Mexico. If you have coverage bring proof or expect the agency to require you buy coverage.  Most agencies still hold you responsible with a high deductible with their insurance. All agencies have a good track record of honesty ad not much trickery.   You should check Sixt car rentals which is only a couple years old. the manager has been true to his word and a good service at a fair price is offered which inc included insurance. 521-624-146-5726 from usa to cell phone in los cabos.  Ask Sixt if you can return the car and be driven to the Terminal in your rent car not having to unload & reload luggage.

General Rules:
-Since we are off-grid and rely on solar electricity to power the hotel, please remember to turn off lights when you are not using them.
-If you need to move furniture or need assistance of any kind please ask for help.
-Do not feed Bill’s dog Bay.
-We request that you make a paid donation to replace or fix things that are broken.
– It is important to read the orientation packet available in your room.