Directions to Cabo Pulmo Eco Palapa

N23.47819 W109.44953

You can Reserve a car in advance as the credit card is not charged until the contract is executed on site. Having a printed reservation allows you to shop for a better price or upgrade upon arrival. If you have insurance coverage through CC or your auto policy that you want to use on the rental bring complete proof of coverage.

Driving north from the airport – it usually less than 90 minutes by car to CPEP. Best not to drive at night unless you are familiar with the terrain and always watch for cattle. The Transpeninsular highway and all roads have irregularities and maintained shoulders don’t exist. About 35 miles North of the airport and 5 miles past the Santiago turn sign you will see Cabo Pulmo and La Ribera signs to the right.

It is 6 miles to La Ribera. You make the right at the Y coming into La Ribera. Your last pemex is on the left and the last super mercado, “Rey 1” a couple of blocks further on your right.

Through La Ribera and to the south for 11 miles are paved while the last three miles are dirt that can be washboard. Watch out for potholes on the paved section from La Ribera to where the dirt road starts, three miles from here to The Eco Palapas. You are close when passing Mexican Rancheros on both sides of the road with 2 crude speedbumps or “topos” in the roadway. After 100 yards you will see the “Welcome to the Marine Park”,”Cabo Pulmo Eco Palapa” and “Cabo Pulmo Village 5 km.” signs. Make the left turn onto the driveway. If You pass a blue Cabo Pulmo Eco Palapa kayak standing on it’s nose on the left turn around as you have missed it.