Fees, Payments, Bookings, Cancellations, No-Shows, Privacy and Contact Information

All prices shown are room rates and do not include 19% tax, cleaning fees, extra person fees nor add-ons and other special requests made by guests. One time cleaning fees will be charged at the following rates: Pappagallo – $25, Eagle’s Nest – $15, Sunset & Sunrise – $10, sleeping Cabanas – $7, Each room rate is based on a maximum number and extra per person fees for more than that number are same rate as cleaning fee. There is also a pet fee of $5 per pet per day. Please inquire about bringing pets ahead of time, and dogs that bark a lot are not allowed to maintain peace and quiet.

Confirmation of reservations through our website require about a 50% deposit which is payable through our “Book Now” page. All payments entered through our website, cabopulmoecopalapa.com, and Expedia (Travelocity, Hotels.com, Orbitz), are encrypted and are processed through PayPal merchant services (no PayPal account required). Payments made through booking partners, such as VRBO, AirBnB, Trip Advisor, Discover Free House, and Booking.com are handled through these respective agencies. These booking partners process your credit card through their own secure system and we are never provided your credit card details.

Bookings, cancellations and no-shows:
Bookings through third-party websites each have there own cancellation policies and are made clear during the booking process. For bookings through our website, we give a full refund of net deposit with 30 or more days advance notice. Otherwise, 40% deposit is refunded if we rebook your reservation dates. No refund for no-shows. Cash in Dollars or Pesos is requested for paying the balance when here. If you have to use CC or and we are able to process for you there is a Credit Card fee of 4% added to balance.

Privacy Policy:
Cabo Pulmo Eco Palapa respects your privacy and does not sell, rent or pass on to third-parties customer provided information including emails, names or addresses, booking dates, and all things else related to our customers.

Contact Us:
For further information, please write us at ecopalapa@gmail.com or send us a message through our “Book Now” page using www.cabopulmoecopalapa.com/book-now/. Our phone number in Mexico is: MEX 52-624-137-3951. However, due to our remoteness causing inconsistency of signal and service in this off-grid paradise, we are often unable to answer calls. Email is always best and is checked several times daily.