Cabo Pulmo Eco Palapa

A Gated Resort on Punta Los Mangles
Reef & Estuary
In the National Marine Park

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Punta Los Mangles is a white sand beachfront, lagoon, estuary, oasis with a mountain backdrop.  We stand in awe at the beauty and evolution we participate in here with nature’s native creatures and plants on land and sea.

The Eco Palapa takes responsibility for foot prints and actions in an increasingly displaced natural world and provides clean and comfortable accommodations sensitive to this end.  We are proactive about keeping this ecosystem in being responsible for our actions, making smaller foot prints and conservation of water to maintain the water table and health of the Punta Los Mangles Estuary while  promoting a dark sky initiative,

You will enjoy a dry high desert climate with cool breezes off the Gulf of California.   The bonus of Indoor/outdoor living, rustico but clean and comfortable allows for maximum enjoyment of the beach front complete with salt, sand, breeze, birds and bees all built into this outdoors lovers package.

Your Eco Palapa Choices

Pappagallo,(4bd/2ba) a classic Baja Palapa Grande anchors the accommodations offerings.  Three Casitas (with bathrooms and kitchens) are popular.  Beach Front and Beach View Sleeping Cabanas round out our offerings.  A bathhouse with two private bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area is shared by the Cabanas.



Off-Grid Lodging